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LTO Network - Rock
LTO Network - Rock
LTO Network - Rock
LTO Network - Rock
LTO Network - Rock
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LTO Network can be used by organizations that are seeking cost reduction on repetitive operational processes. By eliminating paperwork and streamlining collaboration on processes between multiple parties - administrative overhead can be reduced significantly.


Although automation made organizations become more efficient and productive, we're still only efficient in our own silo's. When organizations use LTO Network to collaborate on processes they benefit from data re-use and automation, without switching systems that are currently used in your organization.

LTO Network - Rock LTO Network - Rock LTO Network - ICON
LTO Network - Rock LTO Network - ICON


Demonstrating compliance is essential in any industry. Using LTO Network, you can record all data entries and steps in your business processes to safeguard evidence and comply with regulations. LTO Network is also compatible with GDPR regulation.

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Why a hybrid blockchain?

Businesses are drawn to blockchain by the potential cost-savings that be gained through trustless collaboration. Unfortunately, privacy constraints prevent wide-spread adoption of public blockchains.

Consortium chains provide an alternative, but these re-introduce most of the issues blockchain tries to solve, including network authority, memberships, conflicts of interest, and high setup costs.

LTO Network allows for ad-hoc collaboration, where private data is shared peer-to-peer between parties. There is no need for a consortium as the entire global network helps to protect integrity.

Together, we can break the blockchain barriers and reach the next level of efficiency.

Use cases

Solutions built on LTO Network

LTO Network - Use case - Capptions

Digital checklist & inspection application

Providing immutable evidence to data entries and creation of inspection reports on vital locations like airports, oil terminals and dangerous goods.

LTO Network - Use case - SignRequest

Digital signing with blockchain verification

Providing assurance that document contents have not been tampered with and providing proof of the specific date and time a document was signed.

LTO Network - Use case - Firm24

Data sharing in notary procedures

Notary procedures heavily rely on paper based processes. LTO Network makes incorporation procesures more efficient by sharing data efficiently and secure.

LTO Network - Use case - V-ID

Authenticity of artwork

By validating works of art via blockchain, objects are better protected and the authenticity can be established easier and faster.

LTO Network - Use case - Quislex

Contracts made easy

Receive a fully negotiated and executed contract that also gets hashed on a blockchain by just answering a few questions in a form on your smartphone.

LTO Network - Use case - ILT

International waste transportation

Connecting all stakeholders of the waste transportation process together through LTO Network saves more than EUR 7M on an annual basis.

LTO Network - Use case - CMS

Smart property lease agreements

Legal documents used to be static pieces of paper. Through Live Contracts, a new way of automation and efficiency can be achieved in the real estate industry.

LTO Network - Use case - NeN

Smart certificates on the blockchain

NEN introduced a new way to validate certificates. Instead of using regulators to do random checks, everyone with a smart phone can validate a certificate.

LTO Network - Use case - District Attorney

Streamlining small criminal cases

With LTO Network a multi-stakeholder process can be automated by connecting data silo's and enabling effective sharing of business processes.

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